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September 24, 2018

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How to apply for a credit card

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Credit cards are issued by banks and each bank offers various types of credit cards. The consumer can choose the card according to their requirements. A credit card can be more useful than your debit card if you use it in the right way. Nowadays, Credit Card become a great tool to help you make purchases and a lot more. When you are passing from tough times, a credit card is a boon for a consumer. If you use wisely credit card, more benefits you have. You make a good credit score for financial health and also get rewards points and many coupons. If you have not managed properly, you have many disadvantages. Your credit score gets low and you can`t get your future favorable interest rates loans. A credit card helps you earn rewards points on your daily purchases and protect them in case of theft or damages.

1. Depend on your Credit Scores

Credit score checks to your credit card eligibility. When you apply for a credit card, you know about your credit history. Your credit score plays a major role when applying for credit cards. Your past or current personal loans, home loans, car loans, other loans repayment history is good for you when you apply for credit cards. You should fill your IT returns. If you file IT returns regularly, it impacts to your credit.

2. Read Terms and Condition

Whenever you apply for a credit card, you read about credit card charges and fees.
Many people are not read conditions after they surprised to get unknown charges. It is so important for all consumer to read carefully its conditions. There are many types of rates included in the credit card application form that you have to read.

3. Choose the card which suits your spending needs

This is the most important thing to choose a right card. Many people not choosing a right card and not getting benefits. There are many types of card available which suit your spending needs. So, you choose the right card. Users must choose a card which will provide them with maximum benefits. Thus, first identify your spending pattern and then choose your best. For example, you are mostly going shopping, you take a shopping credit card and get shopping coupon card, vouchers, and reward points. Second, if you are a frequent traveler, select a travel card that offers air miles, hotel vouchers and lounge access at airports as rewards.

4. Fill out an application form

You can go to your bank and fill out an application form. But we say, fill the form after reading conditions carefully. Complete the application after reviewing all of the terms and conditions, then wait for the response to approval for your credit card. If approved, avoid opening another account right away. If declined, you should consider resolving the issues that led to the rejection before trying to apply again.

5. Proper information

You can get online reviews on customer service for the credit card you are interested in. Also, you can find information about credit cards you are applying for. It`s important to which bank card offer more benefits and rewards. 

6. Use Credit Card Wisely

Once get approved for a new credit card it`s no matter if it`s a business card, standard card, reward card. You make a practice to good habits with your card. You buy how you can repay it`s most important for consumers. You make a good payment history also improve your credit score. So you know how to use a credit card wisely follow the link:

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September 22, 2018

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10 Smart Ways to use your Credit Card

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Most people have a credit card but they don`t know how to use. Here 10 smartest way to use your credit card. Also, you can learn ways you can build a good credit score and how to maintain a good credit score or build credit score fast.

1. Keep the listing of your spending/expenses

If you spend more or less on your credit card, keep list out your spends. It is important to stay in control of spending too much. Many applications have today to track your spending and manage your expenses. Also, you save in your phones in notes or you can write in your personal diary. So it`s very easy to control your expenses. You can also learn how to use a credit card.

2. Pay your bills on time always

When you get your credit card statement, check the date the payment is due, and make sure you pay on time. Missing the deadline means large interest on the outstanding amount and also late payment fees. Your credit score gets hampered if you don`t make payments on time. So you make your bill payments on time always good for you.

If you're earning a steady income, it's best to set up a direct debit to ensure all bills are paid when they should. This will prevent incurring any late payments, especially if you're in the habit of forgetting to pay on time.

3. Pay more than the minimum amount.

This is very important to all credit card holders. You get the option to make minimum balance payment against your credit card dues, remember paying only the minimum due is dangerous as you'll pay a lot of interest and it could take years to pay off your credit card debt. If you're struggling to pay more than the minimum monthly repayment, consider switching to a card with a lower interest rate, and pay off more when you can. If you switch your credit card, make sure to close the old card so you don't wind up with more debt. 

4. Check your Credit Card statement every time

All credit card user used to check monthly card statements. Many users don`t check their statements and get many large charges they don`t know and do their bill payments. The best way to check your monthly statement is to keep all of your credit card statements receipts each month or you can check in your Email id if you register. Then you make tick them off against the charges on your statement. This will help you check that you have been charged the right amount for the things you bought and that you have not been charged for anything you did not purchase or spends. So you can monitor all of your transactions in statements every time.

When you check your credit card statements, here are some points you should look for deeply.

Charges by companies you do not recognize.

- Large or unusual charges
- Changes in direct debit amounts
- Duplicate charges

If there are any transactions you didn't make before, contact your credit card provider company immediately, as they may be able to reverse the transaction.

5. Use Reward points before expire.

If you use your credit card actively, then you must be earning reward points. Many people don`t know about reward points also how to redeem it. Most of the credit card reward points come with an expiry date. Hence, you must track on the accumulated rewards and use it before it expires. You redeem your rewards points into shopping, travel, restaurant, movie tickets etc. Nowadays many banks offer that you can redeem points into cash in your card. Choose the credit card which suits your spending needs and get more reward points.

6. Watch out for hidden charges and fees

By law, Banks are not allowed to hide any charges and fees. They must print all this information in the small print on the back of the application form using legal terminology, which is almost never understood by the average customer. Many cards carry a number of fees which the innocent customer may not discover until they get stuck with paying them.

Clearly watch out for things like processing fees, late payment fees, transaction fees, going over the credit limit fees, balance transfer fees, overdraft protection fees and some even stick the customer with a fee if the payment is not received by a designated hour on the due date. So whenever you go for a credit card, you should check for all charges and fees.

7. Do not keep more than 2-3 Credit Cards

This is most important to limit the number of cards. Having a number of cards not only increases the tendency to spend, but it also ups the risk of theft or loss. The number of cards each person has is really dependent upon the ability of the user to manage them. If you genuinely require more than one card, it is best for you to own three cards at maximum – one for regular spending and the other for emergency situations. Too many cards can damage your credit score, and add to your debts. It's advisable to keep the balances in the range of 25% to 50% of the allowable expenditure to appear healthy on credit checks. 

8. Buy what you can repay

You can set sensible card limit. Many people buy lots of things without paying instantly, fall into the debt trap. Because of overspending and then struggling to make repayments. Your credit limit should be an amount you know you can repay, and one that won't tempt you to spend more than you can afford. It depends on you how you can use the card wisely.

If you want to reduce your limit to avoid overspend on your card, ask your credit card provider. You can contact the customer care number or visiting a branch. From 1 January 2019, you will also be able to reduce your credit limit online. In most cases, your account will be updated within 1-2 business days.

If you want to increase your limit to spend more and you able to pay, you contact your card provider. Note that if you pay bill regularly 6-8 months in the card, after your limit increase. In many times, you have to get an invitation to increase the limit of your card from your card provider.

If you can't afford to pay off your balance each month, don't increase your credit limit. A higher credit limit makes it too easy to get into more debt.

9. Select the card which suits your spendings needs

There are many types of card available which suit your spending needs. So, you choose the right card. Users must choose a card which will provide them with maximum benefits. Thus, first identify your spending pattern and then choose your best. For example, you are mostly going shopping, you take shopping card and get shopping coupon card, vouchers, and reward points. Second, if you are a frequent traveler, select a travel card that offers air miles, hotel vouchers and lounge access at airports as rewards.

10. Cancel your credit card properly

If you want to cancel your credit card, look at the real process. Don`t mistake in the cancel process. You don`t cancel card properly, having charges and fees that you don`t know. So whenever you cancel the credit card to go the branch and cancel properly.

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September 21, 2018

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7 Reasons To Use Credit Card

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A credit card gives you credit of maximum 50 days from the bank without any interest. You can use a credit card for your daily routine expenses. Here are shown 7 Reasons why you should use a Credit Card.

1. Reward Points 

When you pay through credit card you earn reward points on your spending. Many Credit card rewards work on a point system. Banks offer a wide range of rewards points to consumers for their credit card spends. Credit card rewards options are almost endless. 

However, to make the best use of cards benefits, customers should take cards whose reward point or benefits structure suit with their lifestyle and spending pattern. You can redeem the reward points to earn gift vouchers or products from reward catalog. You get the list of card offers in the different bank. Reward points have a validity. So, you should use points before expired.

2. Cashback/Discounts

The cashback on credit card was discovered by the United States. The idea was simple: Use the credit card and get 1% of your balance refunded regardless of what you bought or where you bought it. Today, the concept has grown and matured. Different company credit card has a different purchase cashback offer. 

The cashback is depended on your purchase of the product. Nowadays, cashback offer varies on your card. When I purchase my iPhone 8 plus, I got 10% cashback. Consumers who spent more on fuel per month they can buy fuel credit card and get cashback. Also, consumers depend on spend they choose travel card, shopping card, movie card, restaurant etc. They can choose base on their lifestyle and get more discounts.

3. Enjoy the interest-free period

Credit cards offer you interest-free 50 days credit periods. If you make the repayment within the billing cycle + grace period, you enjoy interest-free periods. You spend the money with the credit card throughout the entire month. After that bill is generated and you get another 20 days to repay the credit card bill to the bank. One month and 20 days repay period making 50 days period. This is very useful if you are making big purchases.

You can purchase any product and pay after bill generated. With this credit period, you are also saving some amount on your purchases. If you are purchasing a big ticket item such as an air conditioner, a television etc. you can save by paying through credit card.

4. Build a Good Credit Score

Credit cards help you improve your credit score. Every bill payment made by you on your credit card will be reported to credit bureaus like CIBIL. So, Credit Card disciplined usage is good for financial health. Paying using credit cards are just like loans. Repayment of credit card dues has the same effect as repayment of loans dues. 

If you pay your credit card bills on time, your credit score will improve gradually. A good credit score is key to be eligible for future loans that one may need to fulfill your life goals like buying a house or to tackle financial emergencies. You can get loans easily in the future. On the second hand, if you do not pay your credit card bills on time, your credit score will do down. 

5. Easy EMI Facility

One of the biggest advantages of using the credit card is it helps you convert big purchases on EMIs to ensure your finances are not stretched beyond control. Tenure of such EMIs is in the range of 3,6,9,12 months. Credit card companies have tie-ups with merchants, to offer the EMI facility on purchases made through their credit cards. 

Credit card companies and banks allow you to purchase a variety of items with your credit card via EMIs. But, most of the issuers do not give you this facility to make EMI payments for gold purchases, fuel transactions, cash transactions. Many customers are using credit cards to finance their vacation abroad on EMIs.

6. Emergency Source of funds

When you have an emergency of money, credit cards are good for your financial emergency. If u forget to cash in your wallet, you can swipe your card at the shop.

7. Offers you Instant Loan

Loan against credit cards are just like personal loans but don’t require any documentation. This loan is offered to those who have a good credit score. Even though the personal loan is the quickest option for availing loans, it requires time to process.

Loan against credit card will be processed instantly. If you are looking for quick money, you can go for a loan against credit cards. Avail loan against credit cards, with interest on par or slightly higher than personal loans. 

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